A few examples of the services that Byrdstown Medical Center provides include:

X-ray Scans: X-radiation scans are used to identify bone structures and assist with medical imaging.

Echo Scans: An Echocardiography scan is a sonogram of the heart that is used to diagnose and help with the management of various heart diseases.


Myra Carwile, RT(R) RDMS

Myra Carwile, RT(R) RDMS

Ultrasounds: An Ultrasonic sound used to image and detect otherwise invisible objects or flaws within the body.

CT Machine

CT Machine

C.T. Scans: Computed Tomography uses computer processed x-rays to compile images of digital “slices of a subject without have to slice it open. It is often used to help screen for various diseases.


Anthony and Joan Densitometer

Anthony Creselious and Joan Borden with Densitometer

Bone Scans: This scan shows arthritis, cancer, infection and osteomylitis. Some fractures are so small that other means of imaging can’t find it. And cancer if found in the early stages has a much higher rate of cure.


Other Services Include:

Family Practice

Echo Cardiovascular

Lab Work

Holter Monitors

Emergency Room Care

Vanderbilt Cardiology

Orthopedic Services, Dr. Zwemer

Pulmonary Services, Dr. Heflin

Ear, Nose, and Throat, Dr. Rohman

OBGYN, Dr. Nahm & Lindy Mason,CNM